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As a person with dust allergies, I can not stand stand dusty places. But latest technology promises to facilitate tedious household chores. And even if everything goes from electrical equip, then I will not say no. My latest acquisition is a cordless hand vacuum cleaner called the Dustbuster, or as we affectionately call him now: The DustBuster. No dust particle escapes its iron grip. Even in our Austin Condos project.

It’s light years away from the massive vacuum machines which my parents in their seventies with great difficulty maneuvered through our condo. He hardly uses energy and is barely audible. I use it everywhere: In the house, in the car, I’ve even thought of taking him out on vacation but that probably would be an bit of an exaggeration. But the more I think about it: The next time I’ll pack up camping him in any case.

As gardening and DIY enthusiast throughout our time working on Austin Texas Real Estate, I use the part also to clean the garden shed where I keep most of my garden tools and power tools. Tools allow no dust and with a mini vacuum cleaner is doing the work in a few minutes. I have thought in my wildest fantasies have views about whether the DustBuster would be a good partner for my lawn trimmer because I trimmed the grass can absorb it, but my wife says that this will not work more. Let’s see .. Next weekend, she visited the mother, because I have enough time to experiment a little.

The neighbor was there the other day for coffee and I could not help me sweep up the cake crumbs on the tablecloth with a lightning-quick hand movement. The neighbor looked at me in amazement and just all of a sudden I felt like a gunslinger, which shows another gunslinger his latest stunt. The neighbor with cleaning rags and feather dusters and white from now on, that he has no chance against me. Maybe I should let me make a shoulder holster.

Even the kids like the device. In the past I’ve often tried it for my growing collection of power tools to be interested but not yet Screwdrivers Jigsaw made an impression on my Playstation-dependent offspring. The cordless hand vacuum cleaner, however, comes when the children are at Dustbuster because he is, and the story about the arrest of dust grains is simply too good. The children see him as a form PacMan eats all the character of whatever comes in their way. This, however, sometimes creates problems: More and more I think about important things like keys, rings and other things IN upright vacuum cleaner. Perhaps the suction power but is a bit too strong for children.